Our next Bakersfield 40 day LifeVigil prayer campaign will begin on Wednesday, September 28, 2016!

Join us in prayer at 25th and H Streets in Bakersfield.

We have had the opportunity to see God save countless dozens of children from abortion during each of our 17 previous local 40 day prayer campaigns! In addition several local abortion staff members have quit. You can read more about what God accomplished during these previous campaigns on our blog.

Thousands of babies and mothers have also been saved from the horrors of abortion across the nation during these campaigns.

To help us prepare for the next campaign, please consider making a donation to LifeSavers Ministries, the organization which is responsible for the financial needs of the Bakersfield campaign. Hundreds of dollars’ worth of signs, literature, and other resources need to be purchased before the first day of the campaign to maximize its effectiveness.

You, your business and/or your church can also sponsor a day of the upcoming campaign for only $100! Day sponsors are mentioned on our website, newsletters, and at the vigil.

Any time of the day or night, you can stop by to pray outside this place of death. Even if you are the only one there, God can use your prayers to save lives!

Are you looking for something to offer up as a sacrifice to our Lord during Lent?

Are you looking for something that will draw you closer to Jesus and unite you with Him as He carries His cross to Calvary for you?  Here’s a great idea! How about an hour or two of your time each day, praying in front of an abortion center, praying for the unborn who are being sentenced to death there?  Jesus was innocent and yet He freely gave Himself up for us who are sinners so that we may live.  These babies are innocent; let’s give up just a bit of ourselves so that they can live.  It is our turn to walk with Jesus to Calvary.

"How can I help?" you ask…

Thanks for asking!  We need prayer warriors of all kinds, of all ages, from all stages of life.  You are all a very valuable and vital part of saving the lives of the unborn.  When the community sees us out there praying in front of an abortion chamber, it sends a message of hope and truth.  It gives those going in to the abortion business the opportunity to rethink what they are really doing, and to choose life.  It also gives those working inside the opportunity to see that we are praying for them as well.  We love them just as much as the babies and we must be praying for them to come to the truth.

We also need people to help with events, phone calls, data entry, and various other tasks, so if you can help in more ways than prayer, please let us know!

Commit an hour a day

Leave home an hour early and go to the abortion center and pray.  Go there after work and pray.  Bring your family there and pray.  Give up an hour or two of television, and spend that time praying instead.  Go there on the weekends even if they are not open and pray.  God will bless your efforts!

Adopt a day

Gather your prayer group, your homeschool group, your cooking club, your sports team, men’s club, card club, boy/girl scouts, youth group, swim team, bowling team, friends, neighbors, or anyone else you can think of.  Take this opportunity to organize a few people and cover an entire  3, 6, 8, 12, or 24 hour period.  This is a great way to unite the body of Christ while saving the lives of the unborn. 

Can you imagine the stories you will be able to tell on Easter Sunday this year?  Talk about a Resurrection Sunday celebration! 

At the end of the 40 Days you will be able to tell stories of little hearts that are still beating simply because someone was out on the street, peacefully praying and offering hope and healing to the lost.  It doesn’t get any better than that!

Become a shift leader!

Shift leaders commit to be responsible for 3 hours onsite per week. Shift leaders also help to recruit people, insuring that their shift is covered in prayer. Shift leaders will be provided with a 40 Days for Life shirt (while supplies last), so if you are interested in being a shift leader, please contact us as soon as possible at 661-323-2229.

Adopt a day of the week for the entire 40 days

There are hundreds of churches in the Bakersfield area, filled with people who believe abortion is wrong and that we should be speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves.  This is our opportunity to step up to the plate, to organize and stand as one voice throughout the Bakersfield area, to stand as one voice for those who have no voice, the unborn.  Gather a group of your fellow pro-lifers, pick a day of the week, and cover that day each week for the entire 40 days.  "Nothing is impossible with God" (Luke 1:37).

Imagine if every church in the Bakersfield area organized themselves to speak up for the unborn, and fasted and prayed for the end of abortion.  Imagine if we all committed to standing on the front lines in front of the local abortion businesses praying peacefully. 
If we did this, perhaps there would soon be no more abortions in Bakersfield.

Confined to your home? Can’t come out? Contact us and let us know you are praying with us anyway.  This campaign is about prayer and fasting for an end to abortion so everyone can participate on the street, at home, at church, in your car, on the bus, everywhere. However, while we appreciate all prayers offered during this vigil, our schedule only deals with those who intend to pray on the sidewalk outside the FPA abortion center. Thank you and God bless you for praying for the least of these!

Simple but powerful

These 40 day campaigns provide a simple way to ask God to end the tragedy of abortion. We are here to peacefully, prayerfully and lawfully stand up for the unborn who cannot stand up for themselves. We are here to speak truth to the mothers who are going in to make a life changing decision. We want them to know the truth about the baby that is within their womb. We want them to know the truth about the consequences of their decision and we want to offer them better, loving choices.

We are here to offer hope to those who think there is no hope. We are here to tell the women going in for an abortion that there are other options. We are here to tell them that there are many people who want to help them with housing, food, maternity clothes, baby clothes, baby formula, etc. We can put them in touch with the LifeHouse, so they can receive the help they need, and allow their baby to live.

If you are reading this, and you need help right now, please call us at 1-866-949-2229. We will do our best to help you find the way to escape from the devil’s abortion trap, and the way to experience the abundant life Jesus has planned for you.

We just want to help you make the best decision you will ever make — to give life to your baby.

Know that we are praying for both the mothers and the fathers of every unborn child. We are also praying for every worker at the abortion facility. We pray for the abortionist, the nurses, the security guards, the administrative workers, and everyone else who is involved in the abortion industry, that they would come to know the Truth, and that the Truth would set them free.

If you are hurting after abortion, we are here to help you too. Feel free to stop by or just call us on the phone and we will take the time to pray with you. The God who made you still has a special plan for your life, and no matter what is in your past, He wants you to experience healing and purpose through Jesus today.

Take a stand for life

While all aspects of this 40 day campaign are crucial in our effort to end abortion, the most visible component is the peaceful prayer vigil outside the local abortion facility.

You can help make a life-saving impact by joining our 24-hour prayer vigil outside:

Family Planning Associates
2500 H St.
Bakersfield, CA 93301

(Located at the corner of 25th and H Streets.) 

Please contact us at (661) 323-2229 to learn more, to sign up for specific hours, or to let us know how you feel called to serve God in this effort.

Stay informed

Be sure to sign-up for updates and prayer requests by sending a message to 40days@glorifyJesus.com, and browse through the rest of this site to find out how YOU can help make a lifesaving impact as part of our local campaign.

Find out what times you are most needed to pray outside the abortion chamber in Bakersfield