The most powerful form of advertising in the world is word-of-mouth.

You can help our local 40 day prayer campaign succeed by spreading the word to everyone you know!

Here are some simple ways you can help:

  1. Sign-up for campaign updates and prayer requests using the form on the top right of this page. Share the e-mail updates with others.
  2. Encourage your friends, family members, co-workers, and fellow believers to visit this site where they can learn more about this 40 day campaign and discover how they can help make a lifesaving impact.
  3. Ask your church to promote and get involved in this campaign. Arrange a meeting between your pastor and a campaign representative.
  4. Be excited about the 40 day vigil and ask God to give you opportunities to share that excitement with others!
  5. Join us in a Community Outreach campaign.

Spread the word and you will be helping our local campaign build momentum!