Help us reach more of the community by posting a yard sign in front of your home, church or business! We know of instances when babies’ lives were saved as a result of these yard signs, so the long-term results of your simple act of posting a yard sign could be very significant.

Our durable yard signs are available during 40 day prayer vigils at the southeast corner of 25th and H Streets, so please stop by and pick one up at any time which is convenient for you.

Choose Life signs

Rows of Choose Life signs at the corner of 25th and H Streets.

If at any point you no longer need your yard sign(s), please contact us at 661-323-2229 or bring them back to us at 2428 H Street in downtown Bakersfield.

The cost of the signs is being covered by our daily sponsors, but if you wish to help, the suggested donation is $8 per sign.