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Interview spurs host’s confession — 19 Comments

  1. I heard this radio segment. Jazz McKay’s confession was heartfelt and genuine. I don’t usually listen to Jazz on the radio because he is so gruff and bombastic – but I was truly grateful to hear this whole radio segment. Bereit was effective in communicating God’s view of abortion and life. Clearly God’s blessing rested on this entire radio event. Wow! We serve an amazing and powerful God.

  2. Let us be God’s instruments, as David was ..We know not when or what we may hear , but let the message be received in non-judgmental way.(Sirach 7:16). God’s great mercy is the great gift.

  3. That took a lot of courage to do. I hope Mr.McKay can finally feel a release from the guilt that he feels, and God might continue to use him and his experiences to further the cause of Life!

  4. I really applaud Jaz for his courage. It *is* madness, the whole cycle that plays into abortion, and he really hit the nail on the head. I know that God is smiling upon him. Psalm 51.

  5. What a joy to read this testimony. Facing my past sins has always been painful but releases me. God Bless you for your courage. I am sure you will help our Lord reach many.

  6. How many people out there are making the same decision as Mr. McKay did, because of what they have been led to believe. . . that the child growing in the womb is not actually a person until he or she is born. Of course each individual is responsible for their actions, but God also sees the influence perpetrated by Planned Parenthood and others who spew their untruths on anyone who will listen.

    I am hoping that Mr. McKay’s courage in speaking out on this subject, will be the beginning of his personal ministry in regard to abortion. Someone who has walked the journey of grief, guilt and sadness after helping or having an abortion, are the best people to relate to others going through the same situation.

    God bless Mr. McKay and all those who are hurting in any way because of the scourge of abortion.

  7. Thank-you McKay for your testimony. You drove home a very insightful point in regards to the statistics between men and women on abortion. It is very disgusting! Keep up the good work!! God Bless!

  8. Thank you Mr. McKay. Your testimony reminds us that males also suffer as a result of abortion. This is not just a female issue. The babies that are dying are both male and female.
    Each of us owns a part in allowing it to continue. It will require action from all of us to put an end to the madness.
    I am grateful that we serve a forgiving and patient God.
    May He Bless you for you courage.

  9. St. Peter told those who would follow Jesus to repent for the forgiveness of sins, be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit.

    Such a public repentance that touches the hearts of so many is a Goliath step towards forgiveness. In doing so you have made penance for those two children. God is a forgiving God, we must accept His forgiveness, and not forget the sins of our past but forgive ourselves. To hold on to the sin is a sign that we think we are greater and wiser than God. Go forward and spread the news that God is good all the time, and be joyful in the fact that He forgives.

    For what it is worth, find a good confessor/spiritual director that can help you find your way to the other side of forgiveness.

    Thank you for what you do in His Holy Name,
    Elizabeth, 40 Days for Life , Grand Rapids, MI

  10. We are not perfect, Jaz. God made us that way. But we do better when we know better, and God knows you better now. A true man of honor admits and prays for his mistakes.You are humble and a great example.
    You rock, brother!

  11. I am an 82 year old widow. I have railed against abortion since its insception. It is so good to hear Jaz say he is sorry, and how it has affected him, who knows how many lives will be saved because he was strong enough to publically say, on radio, how it made him feel, and how he suffered.
    I really get upset when I hear a very public person say that life does not happen until birth, and how many supposidly great christians I have argued with, and caused a great upset when I confront them over their thinking. God Bless Jaz. and please Lord continue to give me the strength to speak up. Anna Johnson– Venice Florida.

  12. Jazz, you would not believe how much you have in common with sooooooo many people in this country and in this world. Your courage and your repentance and your truth on the air was incredible. I stand with you brother as a receiver of God’s forgiveness for sins committed when we were young and unaware of the repercussions of our actions. By thinking daily of that sin and having regret you became aware of the loss of life and how it never leaves you. God Bless You for your courage and standing up to “end this madness.” We as a country have got to stand up at this moment and in this election for if the wrong man wins our path may become worse instead of better. Many people say we can not vote on just “one issue” but i’m sorry this “issue” is so important. We as a nation have got to stop thinking we are above other countries that have public death, murder and mayhem through war and famine and genocide. The USA is doing the same thing with the millions that are aborted and it’s time to stop. For our nation and our children we need to return to a love and respect for life and no longer just a “oh well, let’s take care of it” mentality. The Lord knows all and He sees all. God help us.

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  14. What a powerful interview! I will pray that the listeners will fill moved to attend a rally, or march at an abortion clinic. Doing so is a peaceful statement to not only woman and their male partners who may be considering an abortion but also the worker at these clinics. I marched at Planned Parenthood in Manchester, NH last week and the silence spoke volumes. May God Bless your witness!

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  16. I had the opportunity to hear David Bereit speak at the kickoff of the local 40 Days for Life campaign and wished all of Bakersfield would have come over to listen to him. At least it’s good to know that McKay spread the word and God bless him for it and his heartfelt confession.

    Bereit told the couple of dozen who gathered to hear him speak that he sincerely believed that this year would mark the beginning of the end of abortion. I wouldn’t be surprised if that turns out to be the case. We have time and again seen terrible scourges like communism crumble before our eyes like the walls of Jericho. Abortion is next to have its head crushed by the heel of the queen of heaven and sent back to hell where it came from.

  17. How humbling for this man to publicly acknowledge some bad decisions. May this be a lesson for us and many.

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